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Laugh. Grow. Serve.

We design our LifeGroups with relationships in mind. At Chickasha Life Church, we believe that life is better together. Our LifeGroups are where we laugh together, grow stronger spiritually and serve our communities. Everyone has a story, and we believe God uses our stories to help not only ourselves but each other.

Sunday's message is to stir God's love in your heart. It's our LifeGroups where we as a Church get to dig deeper into the word and develop a stronger relationship with God and other believers. 

Did you know you're designed to live in community?

Life is Better Together

The best example of how to get and be involved is from Jesus. Outside of attending synagogue, He also did something equally important which was being involved in a group. He got together with His best friends and other disciples to maintain consistent relationships with them. These people served, helped, and even ministered with Him.

We formed our LifeGroups with this in mind, so whether you are a new believer just starting out, or someone who has been on this journey for some time, we have opportunities for you.

Check us out and we can help get you connected to a LifeGroup today. 

Now is the perfect time to find a LifeGroup that fits your schedule and season of life.

Join a LifeGroup

Want more information on active LifeGroups or starting your own? Let us know what type of group you are looking for; age, martial status, interests. We will get you connected!


Below are our active LifeGroups. Interested in starting a LifeGroup?  Send us an email and we can help you get started!

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