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Communities aren't changed by programs, but by relationships.

Our strategy for missions is to build and support relationships that inspire change. We build relationships by volunteering with our local mission partners and support relationships worldwide by giving to global partners.


Every person on this earth matters to God.

Protecting vulnerable people.

Caring for the vulnerable is a central theme through the Bible. It’s essential to loving our neighbors—the ones next door and the ones on the other side of the world.

Helping people find a way out of poverty.

Poverty is the result of brokenness. It’s not just about possessions. It’s also about relationships, purpose, and hope. When people see themselves and their resources as God sees them, it changes everything.

Support people in crisis.

When a crisis hits, someone’s world is shattered. It’s all they can do to focus on immediate needs like food, water, clothing, and shelter. When another person comes alongside them to provide relief by meeting those needs and showing the love of Christ, restoration can begin.

Local Missions

Serving Chickasha and Our Local Partners

As the Capital “C” Church, we want to serve our community. We do this by assisting in community projects and by donating to local partners. If you have an idea for a community project in the Chickasha area such as yard work, painting, house repairs, business repairs, minor construction or community cleanup, please contact us by clicking below. We want to be the light for our community!

Oklahoma Mission Partner

Bertram Bobb Bible Camp

Bertram Bobb Bible Camp, or BBBC, is located between the towns of Antlers & Broken Bow, Oklahoma, and was originally established many years ago to reach children in the Choctaw Indian Nation with the gospel.

In recent years though, children from all walks of life come from all around the United States to visit the camp each summer. The first two weeks of June are dedicated to children ages 6 – 11 (up to 5th grade) while the following two weeks are dedicated to ages 12 – 18 (6th grade and up). Churches from around the country provide volunteer staff including cabin counselors, music worship leaders, teachers, recreation leaders and dining hall and kitchen assistants. BBBC is near and dear to the hearts of many at Chickasha Life Church.

The relationship with BBBC was established in 1999 and has grown richer with time. Each summer, several youth campers and staff from CLC go to BBBC to celebrate God’s presence in our lives in this beautiful setting. Each Fall, CLC takes a mission trip to the camp to help with improvements and other necessary projects which are crucial for the on-going maintenance and upkeep of the facilities.

Global Missions

Heart4Children Honduras

As parent organization of Niños de la Luz (Children of the Light), Heart4Children operates a home for boys and a community school near La Ceiba, Honduras.  They believe education includes food, clothing, shelter, mentoring, and transportation in addition to tuition and books. Their goal is to meet physical and spiritual needs and encourage self sufficiency.

Niños de la Luz was founded in 1994 by Bill Kwiatkowski to provide a place of refuge for a few homeless boys.  After Bill's death in 2015,  his wife Mary continues to run a seven-acre project, with the support of Heart4Children, that consists of the original boys home, a chapel, and an elementary school which serves the families in the surrounding village.  The project is located in the village of Armenia Bonito near La Ceiba on the northern coast of Honduras. After many years of service trips to Niños de la Luz, Jim and Tamara Cook were compelled to raise funds for this ministry.  In 2007 Heart4Children, Inc. was formed as a 501c3 in order to help support low income families and children.

Chickasha Life Church is partnering with Heart4Children to serve and educate the people of Honduras through the school, medical missions, and construction projects. We believe in building up the community alongside Heart4Children to see the people of Honduras succeed and thrive!

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